Crossing the Border Kedah (Malaysia) – Sadao (Thailand)

Crossing the Border Kedah – Sadao…. by bus

It takes time but is easy and without any troubles!

When the bus arrive to the Malaysian immigration you need to get the stamp… it’s a quick and easy process that don’t take more than 5 minutes. The bus driver will help and show you were to go.

After you need to get in the bus again to drive a few meters until you arrive to the Thai immigration services, were the lines are long… this took about 1 hour.

After the immigration process, were you must show your passport and immigration form,  you’ll take the same bus, yet you need to take your bags with you when cross the border.

Note: Before arriving to the Thai Immigration counter you must fill a immigration form, a card with your name, nationality and a few more information, that is staple to your passport after stamped. This should be available at the border.

Although before we reach the border the bus stop in a rest area/restaurant and the driver collect the passports of all passengers, give then back with the immigration form already fill and ask 5 RM for the service. Apparently this is a unnecessary charge as you can do it by yourself, but everybody accepted, included Malaysia and Thai passengers… scam?!?!?!

At this time (Dec.2015) visa on arrival by land is 15 days. The 30 days visa on arrival are only at International Airports.

How to go from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (Thailand)

From TBS Terminal Bersepadu Selatan departure everyday buses from different companies to Hat Yai, crossing the Malaysia-Thai border: Kedah – Sadao.

Schedule: 8.00h, 8.45h, 9.30, 22.00h, 22.30h, 22.45h, 23.00h.

Ticket: between 55 RM (VIP, with 3 seat in a row) and 80 RM (double decker bus).

The bus trip takes 8 hours, but can be more depending of the time at the Malaysia-Thai border

The bus to Hat Yai departure from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, that everybody knows by TBS. The terminal is located in the south area of Kuala Lumpur and offer good connection with public transportation network at Bandar Tasik Selatan to:

  • Train (KTM Komuter)
  • LRT (Light Train)
  • KLIA train, KL International Airport
Bus ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (Thailand)

Bus ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (Thailand)

Buy bus tickets in Malaysia:

The TBS has a huge number of ticket counters, centralising the tickets selling to all destination and bus companies. Arrive at least half-hour before because the lines are big.

If you travel to popular destinations, especially on Fridays, weekends and holidays is better reserve the ticket in advance.

For reserving ticket you can use on of the many site, and pay with credit card. Most of the web sites don’t charge commission. I use this one:

Once you arrive to the TBS, nearby the ticket counter you’ll find a counter where you can show your reservation and get the ticket.


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